Cate Mackenzie

I am a Psychosexual Therapist, Love Coach and Couples Counsellor. I offer a warm and empathic space to help individuals and couples work with relationship and sexual issues. As a coach and therapist I can create a step-by-step process to support people to work on their goals. This works alongside an understanding of the needs of each client and how they may need to rebuild their confidence. I have a deep knowledge of different psychotherapeutic methods, Rosen Bodywork therapy, meditation, Energetic NLP and Reflective Repatterning. This understanding helps me to support the client/s to address any difficulties that maybe preventing them from achieving what they want and help facilitate the desired changes.

I am also trained as an Encounter Centred Couples Therapist which is a method developed by Hedy Schleiffer ( to help couples to deeply reconnect and build the kind of relationship they deeply desire. This means I can take couples on a journey to heal the past and rebuild the present.

Issues I can work with: wanting a partner, becoming orgasmic, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction, low or high sexual desire, Better communication, building trust, vaginismus, dysparenia, affairs, sexual shame

If you would like to know more about me or how Psychosexual Therapy, Love Coaching or Couple Counselling can help you please take a look at my web site HERE or email me on or phone me on 07974341545.

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